Nike trademark applications and job postings hint at joining the metaverse


Sportswear and footwear manufacturer Nike explores the design of virtual materials with its iconic logo and logo.

Nike applied for the same name, brand logo and “just do it” logo for use in virtual goods for entertainment and retail stores, as well as for “use on the Internet”. and in virtual worlds via the Internet “. The documents, as well as two recent vacancies for designers of virtual materials, show that the company lays the foundation for Nike-branded products in the meta-version.

Nike said that potential employees “will play an important role in reimagining our digital world by introducing us to the Metaverse world.” They will join a team of virtual material designers in the company’s digital product set to create virtual shoes and other products.

The clothing company seems to have started looking into the metaverse even before Facebook announced its rebranding on Thursday. The social media giant said it will create a virtual environment that connects social media online with the physical world.

While Nike is apparently developing its metaverse plans alongside Facebook, they have previously explored non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, and other cryptocurrency-related projects. In 2019, the company patented CryptoKick’s download tokenization system on the Ethereum blockchain.

However, the company already has some competition in the metaverse. RTFKT Studios launched virtual and physical shoes and received support from Andreessen Horowitz, Galaxy Digital and others in a $ 8 million fundraiser in May.

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Although Nike’s virtual offerings may not be affected by global supply chain issues, the company has reported issues with physical product offerings, including lack of shipping containers, staffing issues, and other pandemic-related constraints affecting workflow. Indonesia and Vietnam are responsible for most of Nike’s physical footwear, but all of the virtual offerings can be made at Oregon headquarters.



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