The decentralized virtual city starts the metaverse, allowing players to shop collectibles on a rare playing card.

MegaCryptoPolis started life as a 2D city building game in May 2018 when DApp was powered by smart Ethereum contracts. It received a 3D update the following year and expanded to Tron in 2020.

Each building shown on the game map is a non-exchangeable token owned by the player, and the team claims that each action in the game is a transaction created on the blockchain.

Now the game’s developers are aiming for an ambitious “global” update that will allow players to go through this virtual map with their fellow citizens as an avatar – with an immersive experience that will allow them to enter buildings and enjoy interiors created by others. players.

A lively marketplace has also been created to allow players to present lovingly designed NFTs for sale in their own apartments … and complete quests to gather the materials needed to create unique symbolic creatures.

How the game works
On March 15, a demo of the global update was released featuring shop windows, the town hall and the main tower. This main lobby will be the main center of the game, as each new player will receive their own apartment there.

Store owners will have the opportunity to create a unique experience in a prestigious location – be it an NFT gallery, museum, electronics store, bar or even a tattoo parlor. According to MegaCryptoPolis, the possibilities are endless.

A large number of resources are available in the game, including plots, buildings, citizens, cars, units and even pets. It is presented in the form of ERC-721 codes. As districts and land parcels continue to be managed on the Ethereum network, other assets have been moved to Polygon so that transactions are fast and free.

MEGA is the original cryptocurrency in the game, and in the second quarter of 2021, players will have the opportunity to pick up coins to unlock benefits, vote for the metaverse mayor and control the game’s finances.

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Decentralized city
NFTs appeared all the way back in 2021, which made the MegaCryptoPolis update, to put it mildly, very timely.

Over the last three years, game developers have continually improved – and they were one step ahead when it came to finding an alternative to high gas charges on the Ethereum network and eliminating congestion by making Layer 2 decisions that allow instant transactions.

In November last year, MegaCryptoPolis announced the implementation of the Matic network, which will allow the team to move the most complex and resource-intensive operations to the side chain. ”

At the time, the developers added: “The game’s logic remains unchanged and completely decentralized as all smart contracts and tokens work the same as in Ethereum.”

For MegaCryptoPolis, scalability was a top priority, and the developers acknowledged that acceptance levels would be affected if transactions were slow and costly.

The developers say that the updates do not end there, and the global demo is just the first step towards offering the gaming environment a more immersive experience.

Source: CoinTelegraph