The new decentralized platform NFT promises to restore strength and independence to photographers so that they can prove ownership of their work and avoid the hefty fees imposed by major online markets.

The Unique.Foto team says the site was built keeping in mind the challenging conditions photographers are going through. Copyright infringement is a widespread problem, and the proliferation of third-party platforms is making it increasingly difficult for professionals to secure and control their profits.

The unlicensed marketplace was launched in May 2021 and marks the next stage in creating an ecosystem dedicated to the creative industries. The journey began with the launch of Unique.One, which aims to make it easier for artists to create their own NFTs, according to Cointelegraph reports.

How it works
Unique.Photo is designed to manage the community it serves, and the ultimate goal is to ensure that users of the platform ultimately become owners.

The founders believe that blockchain technology can solve some of the biggest challenges facing photographers today – facilitating peer-to-peer transactions and fairer conditions. Photographers selling their businesses as NFT get paid instantly and no longer have to wait for recurring payments from traditional retail outlets.

NFTs can also ensure that photographers continue to make profits in the coming years, as they will continue to generate income if their creations are sold in the secondary markets.

Unique.Photo team explained: “The global demand for digital photography will only increase. An estimated 8% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) would be good news for photographers if the rules of the game were fair. But low profitability, theft, and license violations leave the photographers on the losing side. ”

Overall, it is hoped that the platform will play a game-changing role in a copyright lawsuit and provide a steady record of protecting photographers and buyers. Most photographers don’t have the time, money, and legal power to prosecute copyright violators at this time, but Unique.Foto wants to change that.

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Photographers now have the opportunity to verify their commissions, future returns, and any licensing terms associated with the image. This will make it easier for buyers to understand how they can legally use the image and explain when the images cannot be used commercially or are prohibited from altering them in any way.

Comfortable environment
The Unique.Foto and Unique.En development teams state that their mission is to provide exciting opportunities for novelties in the blockchain. An intuitive environment has been created for photographers that convincingly demonstrates how easy it is to create your work with NFT quality. From here, they can explore innovative and creative ways to increase revenue, introduce photography to new audiences, and be the first to innovate in an industry that is still gaining momentum.

Small concerns about NFT and blockchain technology have been linked to the increase in gas fees on the Ethereum network, which they fear will make engraving and selling the token too expensive. Unique.Photo solves this problem as it was first created on the xDai network so that photographers can create non-exchangeable tokens for a fraction of the price. From here it will move to Soro.

Unique.Photo says the goal is to get photographers back in the driver’s seat, both creatively and financially. As the big brands and everyday consumers begin to discover the potential of NFT, there is a need for content that creators have an irresistible opportunity to satisfy.

Source: CoinTelegraph