The new Ethereum enhancement proposal, or EIP, came amid bimetallic opposition to planned changes in the network payment market. While some see the proposal as a way to ease the heated tensions between Ethereum miners and developers, it does not appear that the EIP has received much support from society.

Tensions have escalated in recent weeks over EIP-1559, an update planned for the July integration that is expected to set up an unstable Ethereum tax market and have a significant impact on mining revenues.

The new proposal, EIP-3368, requires an immediate increase in block rewards to 3 Ether, and then to a reduction to 1 Ether over the next two years of 1559 implementation to reduce the impact of Ethereum’s transition to Proof of Stake by two miners. .

On March 13, Ethereum developer Tim Beiko took to Twitter to share EIP-3368, which sparked a heated debate over the proposal in the Ethereum community. While Beiko has so far claimed 3,368 as “unacceptable” or “confusing”, the developer described the proposal as “the most tangible that has resulted from mining negotiations [regarding 1559] in recent weeks.”

Although many mining pools have long opposed EIP-1559, the news that the update is due in July has led to threats from well-known miners organizing a “force force” in which 1559 opponents transform their retail forces into a single cluster. In 51 hours.

In response to EIP-3368, Red Panda Mining, an influencer and cryptographer who was among those who supported the miners’ uprising, promised to support the proposal and announced that they would “refuse to show power”:

While Red Panda and Beiko’s comments suggest that Ethereum miners and developers may be willing to work on some form of settlement, discussions about EIP-3368 on Ethereum Magicians forums show that the Ethereum community is still deeply divided.

User “green” describes the proposal as “a custom mining grant to postpone the pending change,” adding:

“Miners’ personal business decisions do not bother Ethereum users. You do not trade for profit, which means you do not bear social losses. ”
Other forum leaders highlighted the efforts of key Ethereum developers to accelerate the integration of the existing network chain with Eth2, describing 3368 as simply an inevitable delay. DCInvestor said: “Furthermore, internalization of this model only delays the inevitable, as we are rapidly moving towards integrating eth1 and eth2 where the mining rewards in Proof of Work will be zero.”

“The international maritime organization, we must avoid measures that encourage greater investment by miners in mining equipment, given this reality,” they added.

There also appears to be opposition to EIP-3358 in the mining community, with many responses to Red Panda on Twitter indicating that many miners will continue to demonstrate their strength.

Source: CoinTelegraph