The new debit card will be launched in 31 countries in the European Economic Area, and will be one of the first digital asset companies to receive UnionPay International approval.

Amon says his multi-currency card allows users to use the Euro and the British Pound seamlessly. The plastic connects to a wallet that supports eight cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin, and a one-click exchange simplifies the transfer process. There are plans to support the US dollar soon, and the Amon community will have the opportunity to vote on the digital assets they want to add in the future.

According to the British brand, UnionPay is accepted by 28.5 million sellers worldwide, and the payment processor has 90% coverage in most EEA countries. In Spain, Italy and Austria this figure reaches 100%.

Amon’s executives say they have chosen to use UnionPay via Visa or Mastercard because it will allow the company to achieve faster global expansion, paving the way for launching its product in other disadvantaged regions such as the US and South America. The card market, despite high demand for digital assets.

An excellent player in the market
Amon does not necessarily believe that cryptocurrencies should replace fiat currencies – instead, the brand believes that the two currencies can complement each other. The company’s slogan is “Define Your Freedom”, and the team says that their products are for people who use digital assets as a store with value, as well as those who use virtual currencies to shop.

Consumers can get a refund on their purchases – and soon they will also be able to share these rewards with the charities they care about. Given the importance of this project in promoting crypto-adoption, the specially designed assistant will provide analytical tools to help consumers make informed financial decisions, while the Crypto Academy boasts a collection of educational materials built by a favorable society.

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The crypto debit card has also become competitive on ATM fees, as there are no fees for withdrawing cash under $ 325.

Michael Kolakowski, CMO Michael Kolakowski, explained why Amon is determined to make life easier for its customers, and explained to CountGraph: “The crypto market is growing fast and there are still many bad markets. New users often feel overwhelmed and frustrated by the complexity of the crypto sector. ”

Make cryptocurrency available
Amon Danielli and Christian Ezo are founded, two brothers who are disappointed when they find it difficult to use the cryptocurrency in their daily purchases. The company’s app development started in 2018, followed by a partnership with one of the largest commercial banks in Hungary.

But the brand wants to go beyond just using Bitcoin when buying goods and services. Instead, the goal is to provide a point of sale where alternative digital currencies can be used seamlessly for everyday use – with artificial intelligence to enable customers to find the most efficient cryptocurrency to use at any given time.

Amon raises money on the global platform BnkToTheFuture to ensure the successful launch of its product, and says that there are already over 1400 pre-ordered crypto debit cards. The AMN token is also registered on

During a question and answer in May, Daniel Ezo said that Amon plans to continue to innovate when the card comes on the market, while launching new designs, as well as additional features and benefits.

Two years later, a new competitor appeared in the cryptocurrency debit card market.

Source: CoinTelegraph