A new report identified London as the most likely location for Satoshi Nakamoto to work with Bitcoin between 2008 and 2010.

The author of the report, Doncho Karaifanov, analyzed several factors to justify this conclusion, including analysis of the timestamps in Satoshi’s publications, his use of regional slang and spelling of words, and the fact that The Times headline, included in the Genesis block, is intended for the English press. … version of the magazine.

The notion that Satoshi was British is not new, because hundreds of journalists, informants and investigators have carefully traced the Bitcoin creator and searched the Internet for clues that led to his origins.

However, this latest report in The Chain Bulletin provides additional information from previous analyzes, such as highlighting the possibility that Satoshi should have referred to the print version of The Times when she coded the popular January 3, 2009 headline in the bitcoin origin block. …

This is because only the print edition of The Times circulating in England used the heading “Advisor on the brink of saving a second bank,” while the electronic version contained the name of the advisor in the headline. The American edition of the newspaper never published this story. Karaivanov analyzed reader data showing that about 43% of The Times’ readership resided in London, and when “together with London is the largest financial center in the world, this data makes it highly likely that Satoshi lived in London between 2008 and 2010 year. ‘

Karaevanov’s analysis of the time-stamped material posted by Satoshi, including messages on Bitcointalk, emails sent to early Bitcoin developers, and pledges sent to the Bitcoin repository on SourceForge, provides further evidence that Satoshi may have lived in GMT (UK ). However, he acknowledges that the Satoshi message template may also reflect a person living in an EST (US East Coast) or PST (US West Coast) time zone.

Time zones that are completely excluded include Japan, where Satoshi claimed to have arrived according to his P2P profile, and Australia, which Karaifanov said was “impossible even remotely” unless Satoshi was a “vampire”.

The conclusion that Satoshi may have lived in London between 2008 and 2010 was incomprehensible to some Reddit users, as one commented, “According to other news, Santa may have lived in the Arctic working on toys. for small children “.

Also, not everyone in the bitcoin industry is concerned with revealing Satoshi’s origin or identity. In August, Blockstream chief Adam Buck told Cointelegraph that it would be unwise for Satoshi to reveal himself publicly. Blockstream is committed to the position that Satoshi’s identity should not be speculated because this activity operates “against the ideals of cypherpunk.”

Source: CoinTelegraph