In an open letter today to members of the Neo community, the Neo Foundation has reversed its last four years of activity and caused a stir with its plans for the future: Neo3, the third version of the smart contract-enabled blockchain that will support file storage and D -ID (digital or decentralized identity) …

Neo, the 22nd cryptocurrency by market value, has made a successful year by launching an interconnection product in collaboration with Ontology and Switcheo.

In addition, the so-called smart economy platform has entered the summer DeFi madness has been just as successful – a joint effort between Binance and Neo Flamingo Finance has culminated in more than $ 1.5 billion TVL in their growing product Mint Rush.

Despite advances in interoperability and DeFi, while the organization’s speech addressed future developments, they talked about the upcoming features that will lead Neo3 in two unexpected new directions: file storage and decentralized identity features called NeoFS and NeoID.

The market has shown clearly differentiated interest in storing blockchain files. Another storage-focused product, Filecoin, whose FIL token was launched on October 15, has risen to 118%, to a correspondingly sharp decline of almost 80% from its full-time position.

Digital (or decentralized) products with a blockchain identity have also ceased. While blockchain identification is an obvious utility, no project is out of the mainstream yet.

While the Neo Foundation is not in trend, they hope that these features will lead to wider adoption worldwide:

With comprehensive new features, security enhancements and system performance, Neo3 is surely the next generation of Internet infrastructure that is ideal for regular adoption.

Source: CoinTelegraph