Last week, Cointelegraph reported the latest findings of Sergio Dermin Lerner, known for his discovery of the so-called “Patoche pattern”. His most recent research indicates that Satoshi Nakamoto used a single computer to mine nearly 1.1 million Bitcoin (BTC) however, something more important appears to have been lost in excitement about the discovery. If Lerner’s latest findings are correct, speculation about the meaning of the mysterious pattern will end for seven years.

Batushi style. Source: Sergio Darmen Learer’s Blog.

Lerner wrote about Bitcoin’s mysterious mining pattern in March 2013. Some privacy flaws in the original Bitcoin code allowed him to discover Satoshi’s mining details. The essence of the pattern stems from the fact that Satoshi’s mining code increased the ExtraNonce field differently than the standard Bitcoin code. A few months ago, Lerner also suggested that Satoshi give up mining in the first five minutes of the block. This led to mounting speculation about the importance of this pattern.

Some have suggested that Satoshi intentionally “flagged” their Bitcoins. Others say this was a way for the Satoshi team to determine their shares of wealth. Some speculate that Satoshi improved their gear or blades so that they could mine faster than anyone else. Still others believe that this pattern came from the fact that Satoshi used about 50 mining machines. This latter theory may have inspired Craig Wright to claim that he used a Bitcoin farm in Australia to mine his coins.

However, the truth sounds less exciting than the sound. Satoshi used a multi-threaded computer for mining. (Lerner also suggested to us that Satoshi might use a field programmable gate array that matches Satoshi’s GPU mining apparently “pre-engineered” and does not affect those conclusions.) To avoid redundancy, Satoshi would restrict each thread very specific, Non-overlapping space. While mining Bitcoin, every failed attempt to solve a hash puzzle increases an unlimited number. Hence, the fuzzy pattern may not have been created by choice, but rather as a side effect of Satoshi’s unique mining setup. Lerner agreed with that conclusion and may have allowed us to dispel speculation about this theory once and for all.

Source: CoinTelegraph