On December 6, just two days after NFT-sponsored Card Packs began selling blockchain-based video game Alien Worlds, the 15-person team behind development studio Dacoco sold the fund after raising $ 250,000 …

While a quarter of a million might seem like a game in a world where a single NFT creature can fetch six characters, and more well-known games like The Sandbox and Decentraland usually collect millions, for a small studio this is the kind of growth that could provide a successful venture – and according to For Play To Earn editor Robert Hogendorn, the unique set of incentives for shoppers means it may be part of a wider trend.

“Finding mini games, investing early and hoping to thrive is a bit like investing in cryptocurrencies,” Hogendorn said. “You hope to find a game that will become the next Minecraft game and increase your investment 100 times.”

While traditional video game crowdfunding efforts allow early believers to pledge their money in exchange for rewards such as playable characters named after them or party invitations, games that support NFT can turn the same concept into a real investment.

“For centuries, land ownership has been the privilege of the upper class,” said Michael Yates, co-founder of Alien Worlds. “Now, in cryptocurrencies, everyone has a chance to earn passive income by owning land that really belongs to them.”
NFT-supported in-game goods and resources could have significant resale value if the game becomes more popular, and according to Alien Worlds’ team, the game’s complex economy could turn it into income-generating assets.

Alien Worlds co-founder Saroo McKenna explains, “NFT [Alien Worlds] is not like pure NFT collectible cards because it has physical features that smart contracts recognize in the game.” “One NFT can give you more Trilium game currency (Alien Worlds game currency) when using it, and another can be used more often […] This is quite complicated by blockchain standards, where the functionality is a bit basic, though It is immutable and decentralized. ”

Alien Worlds, which is considered “DAO and DeFi in Space,” is one of the few pre-earning NFTs in the game, but Hougendorn thinks that’s not all.

“It might seem strange for developers to give players ownership of the assets. But what if the developers get 5% for every in-game / online transaction? They will create a new stream of revenue. In addition, they create a community that is interested in their gaming world. The commitment will be much higher. Because of the financial incentive. ”

However, Hogendorne cautioned that developers looking to capitalize on a new trend might want to research something first.

“Understand what scarcity is, build on this gaming economy, and [make sure you have a gaming economy that is fun for gamers to invest a lot of time and effort in.”

Source: CoinTelegraph