More than half of Ethereum’s marketable supply has not moved in over a year, and only 39.6% of Ether (ETH) has changed in the last 12 months.

According to Glassnode’s hodlewaves chart, which provides time-segmented transaction speeds in the chain, about 28% of Ether moved last between the last 12 and 24 months – the bulk of the chain’s activity.

Data show that many whales spent 2019 building Ether before the ETH 2.0 draft – Phase 0 is expected to begin in the coming months, allowing users to share Ether for the first time.

Approximately 20% of the tokens were not transferred from the period to October 2017, as analysts monitor whether any of these tokens have moved to the status of prices minus phase 0.

The forthcoming Phase 0 launch seems to have resulted in a recent increase in short-term chain speed as the share has risen from less than 0.5% in January and February over the past 24 hours to an average of over 1% in early September.

The weekly price rose from 1.5% at the beginning of the year to 5% in both July and September, while monthly and quarterly transfers have increased regularly since June.

In contrast, the short-term bitcoin (BTC) rate on the chain fell significantly after the previous hype and the Black Thursday crash in March 2020, with weekly conversions falling from almost 6% of the February supply to 3.5-4%. … % in September.

Source: CoinTelegraph