Ricardo Salinas Ballyjo, chairman of the Grupo Salinas Group and the second-oldest man in Mexico, told Cointelegraph in an interview that he bought his first Bitcoin in 2013 when it was worth around $ 200. This, according to the billionaire, belongs to him as his “best investment.”

After keeping them at their highest levels in 2017, he sold all of his positions for $ 17,000 and subsequently bought them at a lower price.

“We always go back to the stage,” he joked.

Salinas currently has around 10% of its liquid portfolio in BTC and has no plans to sell it anytime soon.

He said, “I will stay in prison for another five or ten years.”

Initially, Bitcoin attracted it as an exchange, but now Salinas is convinced that Bitcoin’s potential lies in a store with valuable properties.

Salinas said Bitcoin properties are particularly attractive in Latin America, where fiat currencies are declining and inflation is high.

He said: “What is happening in Venezuela, Argentina, where paper money collapses, has turned into a scandal (…) It really opens your eyes to the problem of paper money.”

Salinas also notes that Bitcoin is the natural result of money evolution from physical to digital.

“Bitcoin is a bitcoin on the air, but the good thing is that it cannot be launched and cannot be seized so easily,” Salinas said.

Source: CoinTelegraph