Meet the Snoop Dogg impersonator who walked around NFT​.NYC


A man impersonating hip-hop icon Snoop Dogg has been roaming NFT.NYC to launch things at the Icon Unsolvable event. While the intention was to bring some fun to the conference, there were mixed reactions from the internet community.

In a tweet, Kevin Collier shared his encounter with fake Snoop Dogg in Times Square. According to Collier, the man dressed as the famous rapper wasn’t really Snoop Dogg, but instead impersonated a hired “to stir up excitement.” Collier added that the experience “sounds like a metaphor,” alluding to the copyright issues surrounding NFTs.

Twitter user Regiscake shared a photo of a fake Snogg with his VIP tag, with the caption “Doop Snogg”:

While Doop Snogg was there to create excitement for the event, not everyone was happy with it. Redditor u/Synthpop criticized the move, noting that NFTs have fake art, fake hype, and fake Snoop. They wrote “everything is on the brand so far”.

Redditor u/Az_is was also not a fan of the fake Snoop Dogg. To their dismay, the Redditor noted that NFTs, a technology created to protect authenticity, are currently being marketed using… a fake copy of someone.

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In April, the legendary rapper was mentioned as a strategic investor in a funding round for MoonPay, a provider of on and off ramp, along with “industry bigwigs” such as Justin Beiber, Bruce Willis and Ashton Kutcher. MoonPay also recently partnered with Snoop Dogg’s Death Row Records to launch the NFT marketplace.

Back in March, Snoop Dogg, Billy Ray Cyrus, and The Avila Brothers released a single, “Man Who Works Hard.” Metaverse Animal Concerts backed the release with 50,000 NFT pieces.



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