Jim Kramer, host of CNBC’s hit “Mad Money”, described a generational change in the mindset of wealth preservation.

“I think my kids, when they receive my legacy, will not be comfortable with gold, and they will be comfortable with cryptocurrencies,” Kramer told Morgan Creek Digital founder Anthony Pomplano in an episode of the podcast. “I have to start realizing that I can use a typewriter,” he said of gold-saving methods, which may be outdated.

Kramer’s comment came in the middle of a lengthy interview in which the great market expert Pompliano asked a number of questions about cryptocurrencies. Highlight the topic of conversation – the current economic situation in the United States, given their debt and other risky circumstances, and the assets they may have as a safe haven.

“When I refer to my booklet on inflation, he talks about buying gold, buying antiques and buying palaces,” Kramer said, referring to the hedges of his generation. He later also mentioned that he and his wife chose this drug as a barrier. “What we did not have on this list was encryption,” Kramer said.

Kramer categorizes cryptocurrencies and gold in the same category and says “you must have this or that.”

“We’re on a collision course that makes me feel good about the gold I own, but I think it makes sense to add cryptocurrencies to the list,” Kramer said given the current economic uncertainty.

A few days ago, Pompliano visited the conversation with Kramer and claimed that he had convinced the CNBC host to pick up some bitcoins. During the show, Kramer seemed pleased to have devoted 1% of his vault fortune to cryptocurrencies.

Source: CoinTelegraph