Strategic investor Lyn Alden believes the increasing influence of the Bitcoin network coupled with favorable macroeconomic factors could push its market value to $ 1 trillion in the next few years.

Alden was already skeptical of Bitcoin (BTC) in 2017, as the network influence of the most important crypto currencies was still relatively small:

“I’m interested in alleviating this situation. […] So if there isn’t a single network effect to maintain control, you can see that this market value is spread across several different agreements.”
Three years later, Bitcoin not only maintained its dominance of the market, but its network influence is expected to continue to grow. Some analysts even believe that PayPal’s latest cryptocurrency integration could triple Bitcoin’s user base.

Alden believes the macroeconomic environment caused by the COVID-19 pandemic is also favoring Bitcoin.

In particular, printing money at the central bank and lowering interest rates to historically low levels can add attractiveness to scarce assets that hold their value in an inflationary environment like gold and bitcoin. Because of this, Alden predicts that a large amount of money will flow from traditional assets into leading cryptocurrencies over the next few years.

“When Bitcoin hits $ 1 trillion, it still accounts for 10% of all gold. […] Can it reach 10% of the gold market capitalization?” She said.

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Source: CoinTelegraph