Dutch logistics solutions provider Portbase has completed the first stage of integration with the TradeLens blockchain platform. Together they will handle the main operations in the ports of Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

According to the announcement, Portbase and TradeLens plan to create a global ecosystem of telecom operators, ports and digital terminals to manage digital infrastructure. Going forward, these updates will be supported by the TradeLens blockchain infrastructure.

Portbase CEO Evan van der Wolf explained how blockchain is being used to organize business more efficiently:

“This allows all participants in the supply chain to easily, quickly and securely exchange data with each other, regardless of their relationship, which improves trade for all participants. Portbase acts as a data center for global commerce through Dutch ports and facilitates connectivity to regional networks in northwest Europe. ”

Norbert Kenhoven, head of global governance at TradeLens at IBM, said the chosen design was “one-click upgradeable” and “easily scalable” as the ecosystem grows.

Cointelegraph recently reported that the Port of Rotterdam has launched a blockchain-based pilot project with some of the world’s leading shipping companies. The goal of this pilot was to improve the safety and efficiency of the millions of containers unloaded into the port each year.

Source: CoinTelegraph