According to CEO Jesse Powell, Kraken, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, plans to launch next year.

Powell entered the CNBC sector after Kraken posted record highs in the fourth quarter, including increased turnover and new customer registrations.

“The first quarter ruined the whole of last year,” he said. By the end of February, we had passed last year’s numbers. The market has already completely exploded. ”

Regarding the potential stock market debut, Powell said 2022 is a potential target for the new IPO:

We are looking into possible deployment next year. […] is likely a straightforward listing, similar to Coinbase. ”
Coinbase plans a public offering on April 14, which will give Wall Street a more traditional way to reach its crypto boom. Unlike a traditional listing, the company will be listed through direct listing. This means that current owners of Coinbase stocks are shifting their assets to make them available for listing – a move that avoids the lengthy and costly guarantee process.

Like Kraken, Coinbase enters a record high quarter with $ 1.8 billion in revenue after a 276% increase in trading volume.

While it’s unlikely that Kraken will reach the same $ 100 billion worth that many analysts expect for Coinbase, the public list is likely to remain huge. Kraken Cointelegraph announced last month that the public listing would simply be “too big to be offered by a niche company or SPAC.”

A company spokesperson explained:

“If Kraken decides to list it, it will do so through a direct listing and not through SPAC, because we are too old to go that way.”

Source: CoinTelegraph