John McAfee, a former naval seal and bodyguard for foreign antivirus founder McAfee, pleaded not guilty to the charges and claimed he was involved in two wholesale cryptocurrency scams that defrauded investors worth nearly $ 13 million.

On March 4, Jimmy Gill Watson Jr., a former adviser to the McAfee Team, an encryption website approved by John McAfee, was arrested in Texas. And conspiracy to commit goods and securities fraud.

In a March 5 indictment, Attorney General of Manhattan Audrey Strauss stated:

“McAfee, Watson and other members of the McAfee cryptocurrency team have reportedly received over $ 13 million from investors who have been victims of their fraudulent schemes.”
John McAfee is currently in jail in Spain, where he was arrested for tax evasion in October 2020. The US government is currently seeking McAfee’s extradition so he can face a number of charges, including refusing to file the 2014-2018 tax return on earnings. million from “Cryptocurrency Promotion, Consulting Work, Writing, and Selling the Rights to His Life Story for a Documentary.”

Watson is accused of being involved in a number of altcoin pumping and dumping schemes during 2017 and early 2018. The indictment alleges that the McAfee team bought large quantities of altcoins at low prices before publicly approving them for hundreds of thousands of Twitter users. users, using McAfee. with misinformation. When private investors raise prices in response to McAfee’s tweets, the group will secretly flip coins.

McAfee recently boasted on Twitter that Dogecoin was one of the altcoins he has publicly approved.

The couple was also accused of marketing the ICO through their McAfee Twitter account, “hiding that ICO issuers compensated McAfee and his team for his promotional tweets with a significant portion of the money raised from ICO investors.”

Source: CoinTelegraph