A few days ago, tech pioneer and crypto lawyer John McAfee left his privacy-oriented commodity, Ghost. However, he has since made it clear that he hasn’t left the company entirely.

“I haven’t given up on Ghost’s privacy system, just GHOST’s privacy currency,” McAfee told Cointelegraph in an email after his exit. He stated that “the ecosystem revolves around the ghost cell phone service,” indicating that the service will continue.

McAfee apparently left the company angrily on August 19, saying, “I’m giving up on the Ghost project.” His tweet quoted inept management and predicted the collapse of the project.

McAfee told Cointelegraph:

Josh Case led the Ghost Coin project. He was involved in several projects – Clearpoll – a blockchain-based query system, Ethershift, Ethershare, and other unrelated projects. When I asked him to give it up and focus on GHOST, I finally turned down I refused I gave up and gave up. ”
As 2020 nears the end, McAfee’s Bitcoin betting time is dwindling. The tech guru will have uncomfortable consequences if the asset does not reach $ 1 million per coin by December 31, 2021. However, McAfee recently claimed that he didn’t really think the asset could reach $ 1 million.

Source: CoinTelegraph