Jack in the Box claims in court FTX US ripped off its character to create ‘Moon Man’


Lawyers for Jack in the Box, a large fast-food chain, are suing US cryptocurrency exchange FTX for copyright and trademark infringement on their mascot.

Jack’s lawyers are calling for a jury trial, according to federal court filings in the Southern District of California on Wednesday, alleging that American FTX character Moon Man He Le Nar, an adult man who typically wears polo shirts with his head on it. The moon used in Major League Baseball events is a copy of the current version of Jack’s mascot. The fast food company describes his personality as “a typical adult, with the exception of a large spherical white head, blue eyes, nose and crooked smile.”

“Instead of using its vast financial resources to develop its own intellectual property, FTX crudely and illegally copied the Moonman spell from Jack JITB,” the company said in court filings.

Like Jack, Moon Man from FTX has a spherical white head attached to a talking human actor, with blue eyes, nose and smile. The two characters are strikingly similar in appearance and behavior. For example, Moon Man also changes. Facial expressions and clothing through advertisements and appearances, just like Jack.”
Jack in the Box’s legal team added that they view the FTX spell in the US as a “much worse version” of Jack, arguing that it has damaged the fast food company’s reputation with consumers. The documents show incidents with reporters and many on social media comparing the two characters’ appearances, sometimes describing Moon Man as a “dirty” version of Jack.

Although the original version of the character Jack in the Boxes was created in 1951, the current Jack or Jack I, The Box, voiced by Dick Sitting, was developed in 1995 and has appeared in more than 300 television and radio commercials. Cryptexchange FTX was founded in 2019 and introduced Moon Man this year.

The filing shows that Jack in the Box’s attorneys sent FTX a letter of resignation asking them to stop using the character on October 15, which FTX denies, claiming that “Jack in the Box has a narrow defense limited to the captured table tennis clown who exploded. “. The Jack in a Box case includes allegations of copyright infringement, trademark dilution, trademark infringement, false appellation of origin, and unfair competition.

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Various images, emoticons, and memes were often used by characters in the crypto room to inject or create research and development around certain tokens, including Pepe the frog and even the Bitcoin (BTC) logo itself, attributed to Satoshi Nakamoto. In June 2020, someone anonymously registered the BTC name and logo with the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office, stating that they wanted to “protect Bitcoin.”



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