What’s better than watching Bitcoin (BTC) rise in the bullish news of mass adoption? For Hodlers, there aren’t many experiences in life more enjoyable than a trip to the moon – and now it looks like the rest of the world is catching up.

Bitcoin appears to be better than sex – at least to Reddit users – which might come as a little surprise to those of us who spend time on the ‘first page of the internet’.

Source: Reddit.
Reddit has a massive audience of 440 million users and has been a popular destination for bitcoin enthusiasts since its early days. But while the audience for r / Bitcoin has skyrocketed since 2017, r / Sex has remained pretty cool for several years.

Since Reddit u / farmOnYieldApp user made this note last night, the number of r / Bitcoin followers has increased to 1,707,689, probably thanks to the PayPal ad, while the number of Reddits talking about sex has not changed at all by just over 1, 69 million. The world is really mug.

Bitcoin is also more famous than the Beatles, who had a great game of their own in 1969 – this year they released “Come Together” and “I Want You.” Unfortunately, the Liverpool pop phenomenon has only 118,258 subscribers.

R / Jesus subreddit is completely abandoned, but if you extrapolate data from r / Christianity subreddit (258,121 dedicated contributors), Bitcoin might be more popular than Jesus among Reddit users. Speaking of Bitcoin Jesus, the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) community support affiliate has a total of 328,882 subscribers. Hopefully Roger Ver will see a renewed interest in BCH now that PayPal will support the cryptocurrency.

Despite its growing popularity, Bitcoin still has a long way to go before it becomes “somewhat interesting” – this sub-forum has an impressive 18.2 million subscribers. R / Gaming and r / Sports also keep Bitcoin small and insignificant.

Meanwhile, it’s a happy ending for those who can’t choose between Bitcoin and sex – Pornhub accepts Bitcoin as a premium service.

Source: CoinTelegraph