The platform, which promises to make cryptocurrency trading and DeFi fans available to the masses, is preparing for the launch of DAO.

Mute says that voice control is the first DAO to boast a dual code system. The project aims to make it as easy as possible for enthusiasts with varying degrees of technical understanding to participate – and this is achieved with a simple language and a unique DA app.

Voice control allows members to express themselves or delegate their votes to a trusted member of society. This unique configuration helps ensure that DAO is not automatically approved by certain parties.

All of this will pave the way for ZK-Rollup DEX, known as the Mute Switch, which is set to provide a faster, cheaper and more privacy-focused experience than the first generation of decentralized exchanges.

Mute Ecosystem updates the Ethereum base layer, improves scalability and provides an accessible interface. The new name was inspired by the main motto of the project – to create special tokens.

The official Mute website states that it sets the stage for what users can expect: “Imagine a Robinhood or Cash application for programming, but controlled by users instead of a centralized organization. Imagine Uniswap DEX is much cheaper, more scalable and has completely private trade, which means no one will look in your wallet. ”

How it works
It is hoped that Mute Switch will attract new users with a new, engaging and user-friendly sharing service. The project positions itself as a leader in personal finance, abbreviated “PriFi”.

Mute explains why a decentralized exchange is better than what current market leaders offer, and said that traders would benefit from zero gas fees, faster settlement times and a non-inflationary ecosystem.

The project recently emphasized that “DEX today lacks the privacy elements found elsewhere in the privacy world before DeFi became a reality.”

Mute explained that ZK-Rollups is an off-chain expansion solution designed to help Ethereum process transactions more efficiently as the congested network grabs with the added pressure of the triple threat from DeFi, NFT and a bull market. This unreliable solution makes it possible to verify the transaction, while confidential information is not known to the verifying parties.

Using a clever analogy to illustrate the speed benefits associated with ZK-Rollups, the team added: “We all know the feeling of anxiety when the Internet is not working properly. Gone are the days when AOL used external telephony, and we live in a world of 5G and ultra-fast broadband. Well, still. blockchain at the beginning of the AOL 1.0 equivalent. In the current state, when the network becomes congested, and when senders of transactions try to outbid each other, the gas price continues to rise. ”

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I look forward
Mute says it has a robust set of features needed to address the shortcomings of first-generation DeFi exchanges, and is ready to bring Ethereum users everywhere in the next iteration of the digital economy.

The voice control contracts, DApp, which manages the attenuation system, have now been successfully revised, and the Mute Foundation is being set up to formalize the project as a formal decentralized autonomous organization.

Source: CoinTelegraph