The ever-increasing electricity consumption in Iran has reached new levels, forcing the country to stop exporting electricity.

Abuzar al-Salihi, general manager of Iran’s Electricity Distribution Company Tivanir, said on state television that they had reduced their electricity exports to zero “so that there would be no problems with the country’s electricity supply.” He said that the electricity supply to the Afghan province of Herat, which imports 70% of its electricity from Iran, was completely cut off to meet local needs.

According to the data provided by Tiffaner, the daily demand for electricity exceeded 65 thousand megawatts and production about 54 thousand megawatts. Aside from the summer heat, bitcoin (BTC) and crypto mining in the country, which are known to have significant energy additions to the local industry, have been listed as the reason for the high demand for electricity.

Iran embarked on cryptocurrency mining in 2019 to license and regulate miners in the country. But the country is also seeing an increase in unlicensed mining activities, with many unlicensed miners using electric grids to conduct energy-intensive mining operations.

The first action Iran took this year was to fine cryptocurrency workers for household energy.

A mining ban followed until the hot summer months passed. President Hassan Rouhani announced in May that the ban on cryptocurrency would continue until September to provide access to electricity for domestic consumption. Rouhani also stated that 85% of mining operations in Iran are carried out without a license.

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As a last resort before halting electricity exports, the country has also called on all legally operating encoders to cease operations. This was stated by the first vice president of Iran under Rouhani, Eshaq Jahangiri, during a meeting with representatives of the Ministry of Energy. “We want not to cut off the electricity in important and important places,” he said.

Meanwhile, Iran continues to crack down on illegal mining. Last month, authorities confiscated more than 7,000 mines from a working farm in the country’s capital, Tehran.

Source: CoinTelegraph