Cryptocurrency exchange claims that it launched a new platform that aims to help beginners build a bridge between basic investment and active trading.

Changelly PRO's goal is to provide easy trading of digital currencies as well as competitive fees and 24/7 support.

The new product will appear five years after the launch of Changelly. Since 2015, the company has gone from strength to strength. The exchange currently contains more than 160 cryptocurrencies.

Eric Benz, CEO of Changelly, described PRO as a “natural development” of the brand's product range, adding: “Five years ago, our target audience was mainly cryptocurrencies, which decided to replace multiple pairs of cryptocurrencies several times a month to benefit from them.” The audience and the market have matured significantly. ”

“Complete trading platform”
Changelly notes that those who use the PRO platform will unlock a host of features. In addition to accessing dozens of markets, they will benefit from an interactive and customizable station that can be customized to suit their personal preferences. Coins can be stored safely in a multi-currency portfolio, and low withdrawal fees are offered in the most common cryptocurrencies. Better yet is the registration process – with customer service and educational resources.

The PRO launch comes after a survey of platform clients showed that 50% of clients use the exchange for short-term trading. This is a significant increase from the 10% recorded in 2015 and this was when Changelly was first launched.

Benz said: “The launch of our local stock exchange meets the requirements of our community, which clearly calls for more advanced trading services.”

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According to Changelli, the goal was to offer one store to anyone working with cryptography – whether they were inexperienced users or seasoned traders. The company's core product mediates between exchanges and users, so dozens of digital assets can be easily exchanged in less than 10 minutes. This service is available on the go with the specially designed Changelly app as well as an intuitive website for desktop users.

PRO is described as a fully compatible, customizable, and easy to use platform where customer needs come first. High limits remove unnecessary obstacles for those looking to place large orders, and fast execution means deals are settled as expected.

An exciting partnership
Over the years, Changelly has acquired a group of cryptocurrencies. According to Cointelegraph, this partnership started in June when the company teamed up with Freewallet to ensure that encryption transactions can be completed in as little as three minutes – no matter how crowded.

In April, Changelly also announced plans to launch the Fiat Cipher Market allowing users to manually select offers from popular service providers, which means they can get digital assets at the best possible price in three short and easy steps. This innovation was based on the belief that unnecessary complications and high fees may actually have discouraged people from participating.

As Benz explained, “Changelly's mission has always been to provide customers with the easiest and fastest way to buy and exchange digital currencies. Two years ago, we were pioneering credit and debit cards to buy encryption, paving the way for other similar services to be launched. With more options available, we felt it was It is best for our customers to have a tool that provides the best price from the various partners that we work with. “

Source: CoinTelegraph