The Indian state of Tamil Nadu is introducing new technology projects, including blockchain infrastructure, to simplify government operations.

According to The New Indian Express, Tamil Nadu Prime Minister Edapaddi K. Palaniswami has announced Tamil Nadu’s adoption of an ethical blockchain policy.

Palaniswami also announced that the state of Tamil Nadu intends to launch a project to provide identity verification services based on identity, which according to the minister will revolutionize the way the government delivers its services to its citizens.

The project will be implemented through the creation and use of the State Family Database (SFDB) and Blockchain Backbone infrastructure. Blockchain infrastructure serves as the sole source of truth for all government data and operations. It can also be used to re-evaluate governance and encourage the use of blockchain in the country.

By launching the Blockchain Backbone infrastructure, the country also recognizes the need to create a forum to promote collaboration between industry, start-ups and academia to build an ecosystem.

The state of Tamil Nadu has reportedly adopted an ethical AI policy aimed at benefiting from AI while maintaining its security and ethical compatibility with human values. It has also adopted a policy similar to cyber security to protect information and fight cybercrime.

Source: CoinTelegraph