In an interview with ABC News GMA3: What You Need to Know on Friday, Senator-elect Cynthia Loomis again expressed her support for Bitcoin’s popularization and went as far as saying she “hopes to bring Bitcoin home.” ”

In a clip that was widely shared on Twitter, the future Wyoming senator – arguably the highest-ranking U.S. official to speak so vividly about digital currency – spoke about his experience as a former treasurer because of his faith. The future is Bitcoin.

“I am a former treasurer and have invested in constant money for our state, so I have always looked for good storage for the price, and Bitcoin fits the bill. Our currency is bloated; Bitcoin # 21 Million Bitcoins will be mined, ”that’s all, it’s a limited supply. So I am confident that this will be an important player in the store for a long time to come. ”

The senator seemed to ignore hints from GMA3 host Sarah Haynes that Bitcoin could be used for money laundering or tax evasion, and decided not to consider these allegations at all.

As Cointelegraph previously reported, Lummis is one of the early adopters of Bitcoin, first choosing the coin in 2013 on the advice of his son-in-law Will Cole, who works for cryptocurrency services firm Unchained Capital.

While some in Congress have been sluggish about the cryptocurrency, such as Florida’s Darren Soto, who has accepted campaign donations made in cryptocurrency, little – if any – has been as open about his support as Lammis.

While many media outlets have pointed out that Loomis is Wyoming’s first Senate representative, many in the cryptocurrency world are undoubtedly hoping that she will also become the first true representative of Bitcoin.

Source: CoinTelegraph