Bitcoin (BTC) is bullish on three main fronts, with a “perfect” buy now of at least $ 11,000, says popular trader Ton Weiss.

In the last part of the “Trading Bitcoin on YouTube” series on October 14, Weiss was optimistic about the price of Bitcoin, which he said had little or no bearish properties.

Vays: $ 11,000 “perfect” space
Looking at weekly and daily charts, Weiss notes that there is little reason to expect a major setback after a “1-4 candlestick correction.”

This continues and BTC / USD is gaining ground early in the week. If this period does not last more than four days, as Weiss expected, he said he would “buy the dip” for $ 11,000.

“I wanted to buy a dive or buy a hack, but I do not know which one will be,” he summed up.

“So if I bought a dive, where would it be the ideal dive? The ideal dive would be … about $ 11,000. ”

The advice came right after the warning not to sell the current correction – this is another sign that the forecast remains optimistic.

The trend towards $ 11,000 may also crash early, in which case a buying zone between $ 11,537 and $ 11,570 would be appropriate, Weiss said, pointing to two technical collections from earlier daylight.

Bulls buy fuel BTC
Combined with Bitcoin’s weekly and daily charts, new acquisitions strengthen Weiss’ optimistic outlook, but he’s not alone.

As Cointelegraph reported, a number of analysts and traders, along with current Bitcoin business executives, are increasingly convinced that a price tip is approaching.

Grayscale CEO Barry Silbert drew special attention to the company’s interest this week, followed by fund manager Dan Tabiro.

The increase in interest in bitcoin futures also increases the return on institutional interest.

Long-term indicators complement the picture: stock-to-power ratios are on track, and basic factors such as fixed hash prices are close to all-time highs. Current estimates are that network problems will hit a new record the next time it is set up in two days.

Source: CoinTelegraph