After an amazing run in 2021, almost everyone knows at least superficially what non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are. Although not many people realize that NFTs are constantly getting new functions and new use cases.

This article will highlight the role of an exciting feature: unlockable content in NFTs. We’ll break down their benefits and use cases for you and show you how to add unlockables to your NFT collection.

What is NFT?
Traditionally, NFTs are described as unique cryptocurrency digital assets on a blockchain that can be bought and sold online. They can be almost anything, including digital photos, songs, videos, in-game items, real estate, or even your personal genome.

In particular, NFTs provide benefits to artists, such as decentralization, verification, ownership management, ease of transfer and trade, redundancy, and rarity. Most of all, NFTs are building a whole new innovation economy, with the possibility for creators to earn royalties from secondary sales without the mediation of any third party by setting up smart contracts.

However, despite the obvious advantages of NFTs to artists and society itself, many people are still convinced that they are just a temporary craze. NFT skeptics keep repeating that clumsy digital NFT art on the blockchain has, in fact, nothing to do with real art.

Certainly, the majority of NFTs exist as various stable items on the blockchain that are available to buy and sell on online marketplaces. And since there is no middleman involved, they can be absolutely anything, including low-quality content as well.

However, society should not forget that the NFT phenomenon does not only include digital art and trendy high-priced collectibles because the underlying technology enables creators to do more than just JPEGs or GIFs.

NFTs enable dozens of use cases. For example, NFTs are by their very nature unique tokens that can be “owned” by users, which means that any NFT can also act as a form of proof, certificate, or key. The scope of new innovative ways to use this form of Access Control to provide value to people is only limited by the imagination of the creators. This is exactly where the concept of unlockable content comes into play.

What is unlockable content in NFTs?
NFTs hold a huge amount of creativity that artists can use to diversify their careers. One of the elements that can add real value to NFT outside of the digital token is unlockable content and bring creativity into it, thus improving the trading experience. Essentially, unlockable content is a key to exclusive things and services that can only be accessed by an NFT holder. It becomes visible to the NFT buyer after purchase.

While the unlockable content may be anything exclusive, more often than not, unlockables are offered through links to higher resolution NFT files or opportunities to purchase their physical copy with shipping details or artist contacts. Moreover, unlockable content is a useful tool for adding value to the NFT pool and a great way to create appeal in the secondary market.

For artists, unlockable content is an opportunity to respect and honor collectors of NFTs by offering them something original that has value in the real world. In this way, unlockables create the effect of increased scarcity and demand for NFTs.