How low will Bitcoin dip? | Find out now on The Market Report w/ Michael Kong


Join Cointelegraph Lead and Analyst Benton Yaun with local market experts Jordan Finneset and Marcel Pehman for the latest market news. Here’s what to expect from this week’s market news review:

As Bitcoin (BTC) retests large areas of support and resistance, some analysts believe that this may be a good time to accumulate more BTC before the next trend.
When Ether (ETH) drops 10% to around $4,100 due to Bitcoin’s ongoing market correction, is there an increased chance of it dropping below the $4,000 limit?
SHIBarmy is pleased that Shiba Inu (SHIB) currently ranks 11th among crypto assets by total market capitalization and has caught the attention of fast food giant McDonald’s. What is McSheeb and when will it appear?
After a market update, special guest Michael Kong, CEO and CIO of the Fantom Foundation, discusses the insides of the Fantom platform, how it differs from other networks, FTM pricing, regulation, non-fungible tokens (NFT) and what sets Phantom apart from the rest. The competition.

Using insights from Cointelegraph Markets Pro, a platform for cryptocurrency traders looking to stay ahead of the market, Cointelegraph experts highlight two altcoins that have emerged this week: KP3R and Voyager Token (VGX).

Finally, market analyst Pehman of Cointelegraph discusses the idea of ​​market manipulators and their responsibility for the recent price drop. But if someone or someone is moving the markets, shouldn’t that work both ways? When does the price go down and when does it go up? Get all the details in our expert ceiling section.

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