It was another week for Bitcoin, which is another reason to thank the owners. The dollar is still valued at over $ 17,000 after it reached its highest level in three years, when it peaked at $ 19,000 for only the second time. People began to notice this. The Wall Street Journal wrote on the front page about the rise of Bitcoin. Google searches for bitcoin peaked this year, and the coin is now doing better than halving it to nearly $ 20,000. Even the Queen has shown an “interest” in the blockchain.

One reason Bitcoin has grown is Paypal. Since the payment company introduced cryptocurrency services a month ago, it required 70% of the newly issued bitcoins. Add Square Cash to the app, and more than 100% of the new Bitcoin will go to my payment company. It’s also a good idea for these companies to get into the bitcoin game because existing players struggle to keep up with demand. Coinbase has experienced several disruptions due to increased demand.

So what’s next with Bitcoin? Based on analysis of previous bullish trends, it could rise to $ 160K from $ 25K.

Of course, always on the road to power. The US Federal Reserve and the Financial Crime Enforcement Network have proposed a rule for more information on small international transactions, including digital currencies. They suggested lowering the minimum to $ 250. President-elect Joe Biden will appoint Janet Yellen as secretary of the treasury. Yellen was the former chair of the Federal Reserve, describing Bitcoin as “nothing less than beneficial”. On the one hand, Andrew Young appears to be preparing for the position of Commerce Secretary. Yang talked about implementing blockchain-based voting and laying out plans to regulate cryptocurrency. Nigeria appears to be doing better. The country’s finance ministry is in talks with the securities regulator to create a crypto platform.

It is not just about Bitcoin. Celsius donated 25,000 ETH to the Ethereum 2.0 platform so researcher Justin Drake can announce that ETH 2.0 has created the Ethereum 2.0 Genesis Group. Formation Day will be December 1st. And XRP roughly doubled in a week, though it’s not clear why.

This puzzle explains why it is important to understand and discuss cryptography. CNBC’s Ran Neuner launched a 24/7 crypto show. Crypto Banter, the first offering of its kind, aims to be a source of live and reliable information about cryptocurrencies.

Starting November 30, motorsport fans can use REVV to download Formula 1 theme NFTs. For people who prefer quieter speed, the Bad Crypto Podcast is working on a DIVI project to support BIKE TO THE FUTURE. The project has raised enough DIVI money to purchase 77 new kids’ bikes in South Africa and has already provided 30 bikes. He wants to finance another 23 bikes. Give them a boost.

Source: CoinTelegraph