The adoption of cryptocurrency is slowly but surely becoming widespread – an idea that is becoming more evident as large retailers like PayPal declare their support for digital currencies. As such, it should come as no surprise that cryptocurrency holders might want to spend some of their digital currency this holiday season.

Cryptocurrency users tend to spend more than other consumers, according to a new report from Forrester and payment service provider BitPay. Based on interviews with BitPay sellers, the report indicates that crypto users have an average order value of $ 450, compared to roughly $ 200 for crypto users.

Merrick Theobald, BitPay’s vice president of marketing, told Cointelegraph that often as the price of bitcoin rises, the number of payment transactions also increases:

“Also, with the holidays and deals for the crypto community, we expect Black Friday and even Cyber ​​Monday to be big shopping days for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.”
A number of BitPay merchants are offering Bitcoin deals specifically for Black Friday that cater to buyers who prefer payments in cryptocurrency, Theobald said. He also noted that jewelers, electronics retailers and other industries that are frequently faced with fraudulent transactions offer special discounts on cryptocurrency payments.

For example, Ace Jewelers is offering 20% ​​discount on premium watches and jewelry to BitPay users with the code “BF2020BitP @ y”. Newegg Australia and Newegg Hong Kong also offer discounts when ordering online through BitPay. In addition, Muft Electric Bikes is offering US BitPay users a 10% discount using the “HODL” code. Cointelegraph is also offering users a 20% discount on Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency apparel and accessories at the Cointelegraph online store with the code “blackfriday”.

Get Bitcoin Again
In addition to Black Friday deals from BitPay sellers, Lolli – the Bitcoin online reward platform – offers additional Bitcoin income to users for purchases made on Black Friday. Lolli offers over 1000 top stories on the web including Nike, Sephora and Expedia. Lolli also announced her eBay integration in a tweet on November 25th.

Thanks to the Chrome extension, Lolli provides users with up to 30% bitcoin rewards. Lolli CEO Alex Adelman told Cointelegraph that many Lolli retailers have increased their remuneration rates on Black Friday.

For example, Groupon offers a 12.5% ​​interest rate instead of a 9% rate. also offers a bonus of 7% to 3.5%. On this holiday, the compressed dog food company raised its price from 4.5% to 7%. In addition, Lolli encouraged users to share their purchases via Twitter in order to receive more bitcoins directly from the platform.

Adelman said Lolli is offering the highest Bitcoin redemption rates ever for this holiday season, noting that the platform has recently attracted over 250 new retailers. Adelman attributed Lolli’s rise to Bitcoin’s rise, which sparked interest from most. “ has more than tripled our growth rate compared to last year. This is a great sign of the massive adoption of Bitcoin, ”said Adelman.

Church’s Chicken Venezuela Introduces Black Friday For Dash Users
It’s also worth noting that fast food chain Church’s Chicken Venezuela has offered a discount on Black Friday to customers who pay in Dash. Church’s Chicken Venezuela has been accepting Dash payments since 2018 and is the first fast food chain in Venezuela to accept cryptocurrency. Currently, the Venezuelan Church also accepts payments in Bitcoin and Ethereum (ETH).

Orlando Gustavo Navas, CEO of Chicken Church Venezuela, told Cointelegraph that Black Friday is a special event that is celebrated at the Sambil Caracas mall in Venezuela from Nov.20-22. During this time, Church’s Chicken was offering customers paying with Dash a combination. lunch for two for $ 5 and combo lunch for $ 10. Navas said:

“These groups are only available when paying with Dash. To accommodate this, we got in-store support from a team hosted by Dash. The idea was to enable customers to enjoy these promotions while also giving them a first-hand experience of how to use cryptocurrency as a form of payment. ” …
Navas reported that 800 customers paid with Dash during Black Friday, which means cryptocurrency payments are being accepted in countries like Venezuela. The result was undoubtedly successful. People are hungry for cryptographic solutions, from seniors to teenagers looking to learn how to use cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies can be part of the solution here in Venezuela, which is why it is so important for us to participate in this process. “

Source: CoinTelegraph