For the first time, a private exchange was launched on the Binance Cloud platform.

Mandala states that the goal is to improve the depth of trading, security and transaction speed for users to be able to trade cryptocurrencies with confidence.

This is combined with the “unique focus on compliance” that has brought cryptocurrencies to the masses, with an ecosystem designed for enthusiastic beginners and institutional investors.

Explains why it is important to launch Binance Cloud, Zach Daniels, Chief Technology Officer at Mandala, “Binance allows us to use not only cash and technology, but also their development resources. Through our relationship, we will be able to offer low commissions, innovative features and a sustainable ability to grow with a base. Our users. ”

Mandala said the team regularly conducts penetration tests to mark areas with infrastructure improvement that will ensure that safety issues are detected as before. By default, all accounts also have a two-step verification system.

Many assets to choose from
Hundreds of digital assets are available on the stock exchange, not to mention the industry-leading matching engine. And as regular adoption continues to grow – institutions exploring bitcoin in large quantities for the first time – linear changes in the liquidity of fiat currencies to cryptocurrencies will make it easier for beginners to access this mature market.

“The Mandala platform currently uses 264 placements, creating 946 pairs available for trading immediately after launch, with high liquidity in each order book,” said the Community Update team.

Mandala also offers apps on Google Play and the Apple App Store to shop and predict on-the-go marketing activity.

Users who register on the platform get a quick insight into the best performance for cryptocurrency and can easily access technical specifications that show how the big pairs have changed over the chosen timeline. Traders can also measure Bitcoin’s performance against dozens of altcoins to see the opportunities for new trades they can participate in.

To build self-confidence
Mandala was founded in 2020 and has great ambitions to become known in the digital asset market and build trust among users. As Deloitte recently noted, trust is crucial to changing the “generally pessimistic view of cryptocurrencies and exchanges” and to leveraging any budget and skill level that feels welcome.

To stand out from the crowd, the exchange also confirmed that it is listing its assets for future projects through the Mandala Stock Exchange, and COO Rich Howe said that a number of orders are already being processed.

More information about mandala here
A new token called MDX has also been created, allowing owners to use Mandala’s advanced request types that are not available to other users. This asset also opens access to trading robots that can automatically fill orders and social trading features and reduce transactions depending on how much MDX is reserved in the portfolio – in some cases as high as 0.05%.

The video on the benefits of MDX explains: “Our social network and marketplace allow people to share investment opinions, compare and define results.”

Source: CoinTelegraph