Bitcoin (BTC) was not far below the target price as shown in this week’s stock-to-power model.

In a tweet from July 10, Lex Moskovsky, chief investment officer of Moskovski Capital, revealed that the influx of shares marks a historic moment in Bitcoin’s 12-year life.

“Great shopping opportunity”
As BTC / USD shows some signs of a truly bullish recovery, the pair is drifting further than the price-to-power model predicts.

The stock-to-power ratio is without a doubt the most popular among Bitcoin forecasters, and has historically tracked BTC price movement with incredible accuracy, considering all the deviations to be in effect.

However, as reported by Cointelegraph, the current behavior gives the stock a run for its money, and so far the price target has been relatively far from reality.

“The negative bias in capital flows is the highest in Bitcoin’s history,” Moskovsky commented.

“This is a great buy if you are a fan of this model.”

Divergence of bitcoin stocks in flow versus BTC / USD chart. Source: Lex Moskovsky / Twitter
According to Stock-to-Flow Multiple data, the BTC / USD should trade at $ 82,703 on Saturday. At the time of writing, the actual spot price was $ 33850, a decrease of 59%.

The model’s creator, PlanB, had a seriously optimistic view of bitcoin in 2021, with its latest $ 135,000 price forecast by December as a “worst-case scenario.”

The analyst is currently disconnected from the network and does not comment on incidents, and promises to return in August with a minimum price of around 47,000 dollars.

The conversion model for bitcoin shares will be launched on July 10. Source:
Stoke-to-stream meets dangerous bear cries
PlanB never ruled out that stock flows would be canceled at any time, and this could become a reality if even more bearish scenarios become a reality.

About the topic: PlanB feels “uncomfortable” with 41% of supporters donating $ 100,000 in BTC, which did not happen this year

Among them is a $ 10,000 warning from Scott Minerd, CEO of Guggenheim, who said this week that there is “no reason” to buy bitcoin under the current circumstances.

Other data point to a long-term recovery of bitcoin fundamentals, while December may again trigger sales pressure, in line with historical precedent.

Source: CoinTelegraph