Using the analogy of Hi / Lo poker, the variety of poker where the highest and lowest hands win, TV host Max Keizer made it clear that citizens will eventually lose when it comes to owning state coins.

“If you are not a country, it can make money by devaluing your currency, by taking Wall Street fees that wrap all those currencies in negative interest rate bonds, then you have only one option,” Kaiser said during the conference. … An episode of his show The Keizer Report on October 15, which added:

You can only try to win the best hand: gold, silver and bitcoin. You can only win a low hand if you are a sovereign country or a large investment bank, and that is the game today. ”
At the end of a turbulent year, when the United States pressed large sums, economic difficulties and the problems of the global epidemic, a number of commentators continue to promote the idea that alternative financial assets prefer cash.

“The foreign exchange market, fiat money promoters and sovereign currencies are all trying to quote ‘inflation’, but we know this is a mistake,” said Keizer. The poker table, geopolitically a game. the currency of the future? ‘

Only governments and banks can win the alternative with a low hand, Keizer said. However, younger players have another way – to win a high hand by owning gold, silver and bitcoin (BTC). People often see these three assets as a hedge against inflation and a hedge against other economic conditions.

Source: CoinTelegraph