Bitcoin passed a whole week, the week we had been waiting for. The coin rose nearly 13 percent and broke the $ 13,000 mark. Part of that support came from PayPal’s decision to allow the purchase of cryptocurrencies, causing its inventory to spike sharply. The company will need such an increase to stay on top of the coin. Bitcoin valuation is now behind the payment processor that allows people to trade on it.

However, traders expect Bitcoin to decline after a strong rally that allowed the currency to regain its dominance over the cryptocurrency. Some experts believe that the new level may be of no use. They see prices falling unless there is strong support from the bulls.

The only person who considers falling temporarily is Raul Pal. A former Goldman Sachs Pal hedge fund manager said he believes Bitcoin can reach $ 1 million in just five years.

Meanwhile, when Bitcoin tries to decide whether to continue to rise, fall, or stay at around $ 13,000, Monero and other privacy coins do just fine. Monero is up more than 14 percent in the past two weeks and more than 41 percent in the past month.

One place that is happy with the new bitcoin price level is Turkey. Acceptance increases in this country when inflation pushes prices up and the Turkish lira depreciates against the dollar. The currency has fallen by about a third since the start of the year. Registrations in Turkey on Paxful, the bitcoin marketplace, have increased by 274 percent in the past twelve months.

Blockchain helps maintain more than just financial health. 17 million Chinese tourists used the blockchain to verify their health before visiting Macau. IBM has developed a blockchain-based digital health card that allows people to save their health records on their smartphones. Individuals must give consent before accessing IBM Digital Health Pass information.

And in Kyrgyzstan, Sadir Jabarov, the new prime minister and acting president, has proposed using blockchain to secure future elections. According to him, there have been three revolutions in the country due to unfair elections. Jabarov came to power after his release from prison, where he spent 11 and a half years in prison on charges of kidnapping an opponent.

A traveler on a flight from Dubai to India may wish to intend to transfer money to the blockchain. Airport authorities found him strange and stopped him. They found two kilograms of gold in his ass. Either the food on board was particularly rich, or the passenger was trying to avoid paying the 18 percent tax. He had to buy bitcoin. It’s much more convenient – and it’s now much more common than sex. At least on Reddit.

Finally, Atari will – yes, Atari – add cryptocurrency to the new console. Customers will be able to use Atari tokens when playing Atari arcade games. It appears that Bitcoin is not the only currency that has appreciated in value.

Source: CoinTelegraph