Gnosis and Snapshot jointly developed SafeSnap, a product that automatically runs successful Snapshot test votes. A module was released Tuesday that combines the features of the Gnosis Safe Multisig offline management platform and Snapshot.

Snapshot is managing as a service provider for a number of decentralized financing projects including, SushiSwap, Balancer, Aave, Cream, among others. It provides a simple interface for creating management proposals and allows users to vote for it by connecting the wallet and the management codes it contains. However, the actual voting is done off-chain to save gas costs and make it easier.

Photo suggestions are optional. Team members and key holders with multiple project signatures are expected to implement the proposals, but the process depends entirely on their goodwill. SafeSnap is changing this by introducing the ability to automatically execute transactions that trigger a display when a verification vote passes.

SafeSnap uses Reality.eth audiences to validate survey results offline. Once an oracle has been confirmed, anyone can initiate the transaction that leads to a specific change. The requirement for manual intervention is a constructive necessity due to the limitations of smart contracts.

SafeSnap will bring snapshot projects closer to the compound management model. Communication proposals can only be submitted if they include the net worth symbol that directly implements the idea. The chain controller then integrates the new code automatically if negotiations are in progress.

The combined governance model presents relatively strong barriers to entry, while no longer being controlled and code-based, in contrast to the current iteration of the snapshot vote. The SafeSnap module allows enterprises to choose how to implement their proposals, perhaps by introducing major upgrades through a more decentralized mechanism, while maintaining gas saving measures.

Gnosis claims that projects like Yearn, dHEDGE, SushiSwap, mStable and others will use this system. In an interview with Cointelegraph, lead member Yern Trachiopetrix explained that nothing has been set in stone yet, but emphasized that “this is one of the most promising methods that we are studying”

Source: CoinTelegraph