The concept of growing crops has gained huge popularity in the last year or so, especially because it allows cryptocurrency holders to invest their assets for tangible returns in short periods. And while the idea of ​​investing the returns is not at all new, the idea of ​​growing a crop – where users can be rewarded for using a specific DeFi app – is largely confined to the area of ​​decentralized finance. Sector. .

Additionally, as with cropping, irreversible tokens have become extremely popular in the past two years. This is because these cryptocurrency objects, whose values ​​are directly related to a specific asset, are ideal for owning physical things like artwork, real estate documents, and holdings like CryptoKitties, as well as digital goods like game skins. Business cards, etc., etc.

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How can NFT be used in cropping?
Since the failure of Napster, when legendary rock band Metallica acquired the file-sharing giant to allow users to download their music illegally, two decades ago, conversations about digital ownership and rights management have grown. More common throughout the world.

In this context, it appears that NFTs only captured the imagination of crypto enthusiasts around the world during the year 2020, mainly because they enable the streamlining of digital data care processes in an optimized and highly effective way.

There are various blockchain based digital trading card games that are now available online. It allows players to work in stunning scenery, and even allows them to create a variety of new items and collectibles that can then be used in the game in exchange for a variety of digital gifts, or even sold in various cash reward markets.

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Why Combining NFT with Crops Can Be So Difference …
Most of the internationally recognized video game developers like Electronic Arts, Activision and UbiSoft tend to use the money maximization model, as they mainly focus on making the most money possible with each game release. In this regard, it is worth noting that the problem of microtransactions in the last 4-5 years seems to have chased the entire gaming market, so players now have to pay a small fee to unlock every little feature. In many popular games like FIFA 2021, NBA 2k21, etc.

On the one hand, blockchain games seem to be more concerned with giving players the most value and playability possible. In the vast majority of blockchain titles, for example, users are given the opportunity to create and sell game items according to their own desires, thus shifting the balance of power from the hands of the game developers to the hands of the players, especially from an economic point of view.

What will happen next?
As the market for the crops being played continues to evolve, it will be natural for the industry to move into a structure in which players can change the rules of the game. For example, if a game usually assigns certain attributes to an item in the game – for example, the factory can only produce 80 cars or 50 motorcycles per day – then users will be able to change these rules over time. And increase / decrease the production capacity of these specific organizations, depending on the brands they possess.

Ultimately, this means that players will eventually be able to influence the basic rules of the game through control – something previously unimaginable in traditional video games. Also from an economic point of view, such a model could completely shake up the gaming industry, as users could change production rates, inflation parameters, etc. in the game, allowing the control tokens to become more valuable over time.

Finally, the ability to change game protocols means that players with critical control codes can simply customize parts of the game’s economy, which is revolutionary, especially given that blockchain names are completely decentralized in both design and functionality.

The future of gaming is here
Empire building games like Civilization, Command and Conquer, and Age of Empires by Sid Meier have captured the imaginations of millions around the world for decades. However, while these games are fun, they do not allow players to make any financial gain for their time and effort.

Source: CoinTelegraph