Among the many current and future blockchain-enabled games, LiteBringer promises something different. It claims to be the first game fully powered by the Litecoin blockchain.

But can it live up to its name and bring Litecoin (LTC) to players? It was just a way to find out …

Pay to play
The first thing to note about LiteBringer is that it replicates directly on the Litecoin blockchain. Each step you take is a transaction and requires a mining fee (currently around 0.0014 little).

You also need a subscription for each character you want to play. Subscription fees are available for an initial period with a 90% discount, which means you are currently paying 2 Lite ($ 0.10) for approximately one month’s worth of blocks.

I started the game with LTC for around $ 0.50 and had a four symbol subscription, with many changes to apply to as many tasks as I could get done.

Idle play
The game has an RPG theme – think of witches, warriors and thieves – but the missions do not really require much involvement, and LiteBringer is inherently a kind of passive click.

Tasks are displayed in green, tasks that must be started in red and blocked tasks in gray. Choose between Loot, XP or Resource Mission and it will tell you how many blocks the mission will take. Then just click, pay the mining fee and you’re done.

I do not like inactive clicks … because they are very much more.

“My life will definitely be complete if I can unlock the next update.”

In LiteBringer you level up your grades, find looting to increase your stats and gather resources to increase looting. This is the dream / nightmare of an unemployed drug addict.

One thing that struck me very cool is that the search length depends on the blocks. It really connects the game to blockchain and makes you (at least by chance) wonder about the technology it supports.

in another sense. When you wait ten minutes, you will promise an estimated two and a half minute block that will complete your mission and allow you to click again.

Commercial game
Of course, a sleeping clicker does not really need a blockchain to run it, and the other element of LiteBringer is the trading market.

This allows players to swap all their items in the game, from total resources to polished equipment and full-fledged characters.

With the skillful purchase of the right equipment at a reasonable price, players can jump into the early stages and avoid some of the hassle of leveling out.

But because I was sensitive to spending money on business tasks, I decided to go the other way. Can I level up something in the game and then sell it in the market to make money?

An added bonus is that anyone who wants to buy my hardware will pay with real Litecoin, not any tokens in the game, which I then have to transfer to the stock exchange.

In the downtime phase, I inadvertently polished some fire pants more than anything else. My next challenge was to upgrade my pants to a maximum level of 15 (at this point they could still turn into better quality pants) and try to sell them for over the $ 0.50 I invested.

Suddenly my clicks were not so weak anymore. I spam all four of my characters with scavengers, and set fire to everything I deserve. Once everything was decided, the tasks became longer and longer, and the necessary input became smaller and smaller.

Two days later, he reached level 15 “Pants of Fire” – actually “Disarming Leggings” (with the element Fire), but who counts?

Play to win
I took the pants off my hero (which included sending them on another mission) and left a “sales quote” for them. But how much should I order such beautiful leggings?

Unfortunately – and I want this item to be changed in a future update – you can not see sold items, only those that are not sold. This means that you really have no idea about the value of things, it’s just that some things can be overestimated.

When I first looked at the market, I saw two level 15 records listed in 210 Lite. They are no longer there, but that does not necessarily mean they are sold.

I decided to wear pants at a cheaper price of 120 liters. Are you sure this will make the other players stand up? This was more than ten times my original bet in the game.

All I had to do now was wait … Oh, and why not click some more while I’m here.

Winners and losers)
As mentioned earlier, I do not like inactive clicks because they are very addictive to me and I do not want to waste any more time. But what if I got paid for my time?

Source: CoinTelegraph