The encrypted payment network signed a new agreement that allows 4.1 million users to rent servers for 25 games.

Electroneum says the blockchain has the potential to transform the gaming industry, especially when it comes to assets that players trade. This is because this technology can ensure that items in the game are not reproduced or counterfeited. He cited a card swap as an example, where players could independently check the number of cards in existence and check historical records for each card.

The company has partnered with Host Havoc, one of the world’s five largest gaming server providers. The Canadian brand was created by tech experts who are passionate about games – and they bring the technical knowledge and passion to deliver 99.9% of uptime and consistent server performance.

The Electroneum partnership started shortly after Splinterlands’ popular name announced that it would also accept ETN as an in-game payment method.

Richard Ills, CEO of Payments Network, told Cointelegraph: “Electroneum is a project that has talked about games from the start, so seeing ETN as a payment option in Splinterlands and now Host Havoc is very exciting for us and our community. As our community continues to grow by thousands each week, we’ll see more and more. From gaming projects using ETN “.

“We look forward to working with Electroneum, a crypto project with millions of users that continues to grow daily. We believe our partnership will benefit both of us,” added Clay Berndt, CEO and founder of Host Havoc.

The hosting platform operates in 11 locations around the world in the United States, Canada, Australia, France, Germany and the United Kingdom. It currently offers servers for a series of popular games, including Minecraft, Counter Strike: Go, and Arma3.

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According to Electroneum, the benefits go beyond ensuring that the gameplay items that players acquire are unique. The cryptocurrency-focused company says digital assets can make transactions faster, and ETN means that even those without access to banking can now rent gaming servers and enjoy blockchain games.

Electroneum’s goal is to ensure that ETN has the largest number of use cases possible. In addition to games, this cryptocurrency can actually be used to top up mobile phone accounts and top up electricity meters in some countries. A large percentage of the platform’s users are the younger generation who is technically informed and who love to play games in their spare time.

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Earlier this year, the company also introduced an independent cryptocurrency-focused platform known as AnyTask, which allows skilled and hard-working people to complete tasks in exchange for ETN. We hope partnering with Host Havoc and Splinterlands will also give AnyTask’s thousands of freelance translators a whole new way to spice up their free time returns they deserve.

But why would a player prefer using ETN over other established payment methods such as credit and debit cards or e-commerce platforms like PayPal? Well, Electroneum says infrastructure gives people the opportunity to save on fines.

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Electroneum says it has already received a warm welcome from the community members who play Splinterlands, and has bold plans to spread the word and spread its relationship with Host Havoc. Managers say they are also determined to find other partnerships that give users more value.

Source: CoinTelegraph