Germany’s legendary bar and restaurant, which is said to be the first to accept cryptocurrency as a method of payment, has been closed forever.

According to a Reddit post on October 18 by Jorg Platzer, founder of Room 77, the first regular business that accepts Bitcoin (BTC) customers no longer accepts and has closed its doors. In a farewell letter filled with references to Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy, Platzer said “Thank you again for all the fish and generous advice” after more than 15 years in “this little corner of Kreuzberg in Berlin.”

“We were having a great time,” Platz said. “Have fun and make many friends. Now it is clear that no one will stop Bitcoin anymore. Good money on a global scale will soon make it impossible to wage wars and create economic equality between humanity.”

Number 77, “A Restaurant on the Edge of Capitalism”, located in the Kreuzberg district of Berlin, Germany, is reported to be the first brick and mortar store in the world to accept Bitcoin as a method of payment. Platzer said he received his first batch of crypto in May 2011 for a pint of beer.

Given that the average beer price in Germany is about $ 4.10 and Bitcoin is on par with the US dollar at the time, a buyer can easily pay more than 1 Bitcoin for his drink – now to $ 11,432. This is a good drink

Source: Room 77
Crypto-Twitter users immediately noticed the news with their stories about the pilgrimage of the legendary Bitcoin ticker. Cointelegraph reports that even bitcoin teacher Andreas Antonopoulos has converted local business owners to cryptocurrency after a chance meeting in a bar.

“A visit to Berlin is never complete without a visit to Room 77,” said Bitcoin Core developer Eric Lombroso. “This place will always be a part of Bitcoin’s history.”

Phil Luchok shared his memories of using cryptocurrencies for the first time in the real world:

“When I first got Bitcoin, I just wanted to use it somewhere, AFK. I entered room 77 one early spring day in 2013 and ordered coffee because I did not want any beer or food, but I just wanted to use a decentralized currency for the first time in my life. . ”
Platzer did not specify a specific reason for the shutdown, but previous visitors speculated that it could be due to restrictions due to the pandemic. Last week, the authorities announced a curfew that requires bars in Berlin to close between 23:00 and 06:00 and limit indoor gatherings to 25 people.

Although the ban was later lifted, many companies around the world are seeing revenue decline as tourism declines and the number of people staying at home increases.

Crypto-economist John Mattones said on Twitter: “Blame COVID or improve it.” “In any case, this Kreuzberg landmark has been a source of water in bitcoin for more than 10 years, and thousands of people have made the obligatory pilgrimage.”

Source: CoinTelegraph