The millionaire broker woke up this morning and listed Bitcoin skeptic Peter Schiff, who found his bank under control again due to an international criminal investigation.

According to Australian newspapers The Age and The New York Times, J5 – a joint tax working group of leading Western governments that joined after the explosion of the Panama Papers – placed “hundreds” of accounts at Schiff’s Bank in Puerto Rico. Euro Pacific is under investigation. For tax evasion and other financial crimes.

The reports describe an inept comic organization responsible for protecting the fortunes of a group of shady and criminal businessmen. Salaried employees are tasked with performing a quick Google search to attract clients like Simon Anteketil, a well-known Australian prankster and tax evasion expert.

The reports also highlight how the Eurozone and Pacific are contaminating the public property of Schiff’s favorite resource: gold.

Former Australian Federal Bureau of Investigation (AFP) John Chavez discovered in 2017 that the Western Australian state mint Perth Mint was having an affair with Euro Pacific.

“I was very surprised,” Chiefs told The Age. “I think there is a high risk that some of the gold held by Euro Pacific clients in the Perth Mint could end up in the favor of criminals from other parts of the world.”

In an interview with The Age last month, the head of Euro Pacific denied wrongdoing, saying that the bank “rejects many more accounts than we accept because our obligations are so strict.”

According to him, the accusations “have nothing to do with reality.”

He spoke later in an interview.

But in the middle of the reports, there are important details that could shed light on why Schiff is one of the fiercest critics of the world’s most famous currency, bitcoin.

From age:

“The security of the bank was also an issue […] At one point, the Russians tried to blackmail the bank, demanding a ransom of 1,000 bitcoins worth millions of dollars.”
Although Chef criticized Bitcoin in early 2013, the blackmail attempt may explain why he voted so late, especially on Twitter with Gemini co-founder Tyler Winklevoss.

Schiff also showed a history of his paranoia about piracy, especially cryptocurrency piracy. In July, Schiff confirmed that hacking multiple Twitter accounts by an American teenager could be a preacher of bitcoin hacking, and in April he tweeted about “opportunities for technology improvements to hack the blockchain and counterfeit bitcoins.”

Despite Schiff’s fears about a possible hacking of the Bitcoin blockchain, there is no equivalent to iron ore pyrite in the digital asset space. Except for BSV.

Source: CoinTelegraph