As the decentralized financial industry (DeFi) grows, new exchanges and new liquidity pools are constantly appearing. It becomes increasingly difficult for the average investor to keep track of them all and find the best return opportunities.

The situation is getting worse because central exchanges also provide investment opportunities. Thus, the need for a liquidity unit associated with multiple decentralized and centralized exchanges has become very clear. The Orion protocol aims to provide users with access from a single platform to make purchases and switch groups.

Instead of competing with exchanges, the service aggregates order books and liquidity on a decentralized platform. Once installed, Orion Terminal will offer trading on Binance and KuCoin without the need for any accounts or KYC verifications. In addition, it will provide connectivity to both Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.

The Orion Terminal will launch on March 31 and has accumulated 730% ORN Orion Protocol token since February.

ORN / USDT on Binance. Source: TradingView
According to the Orion Protocol blog, users will trade and bet without giving away private keys with MetaMask, Fortmatic, and Coinbase wallets. By investing in a smart contract, users will be able to trade on exchanges without the need for additional accounts.

With regard to fundraising services for the effort and liquidity pools, final testing and main network construction is expected in mid-2021. The project has also gathered more than 40 partners, adding additional volume to the protocol and increasing the potential reward of the efforts.

Expansion plans include derivatives, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), non-exchangeable tokens (NFTs), lending, margin trading, and efforts for various digital assets.

It all sounds very tempting, but cryptocurrency promises like Bloomberg have come and gone since 2017, and none of them lived up to expectations. Additionally, in October 2020, MetaMask launched its decentralized exchange pooling service.

In addition, the number of exchanges without “Know Your Customer” is decreasing each year, leaving little room for Orion Protocol service expansion.

In short, DEX bundling is a very competitive sector with little or no barriers to entry. Thus, the ORN symbol may have a certain market price that may never materialize.

TVL Balance and Volume. Source: DeBank
In comparison, the total value of the Balance Protocol Control (BAL) code is $ 1.7 billion (TVL) and averages $ 50 million per day. Meanwhile, BAL’s market value is $ 743 million, a 28% increase over the unreleased Orion Protocols product.

Source: CoinTelegraph