Two days after a quick launch, with flagship FIL ​​Filecoin plunging 118% and then dropping nearly 80%, the blockchain-based storage platform is now turning into a week-long digital conference in hopes of fixing the ship.

The event is called Filecoin Detachment Week and is dedicated to education, infrastructure, interoperability and plans for future projects. Starting October 19, 2020, the five days of programming will each day have different themes such as “Building” and “Future”.

Notable speakers include ConsenSys founder Joe Lubin, who will debate on “Connecting Filecoin and Ethereum,” and Internet Archive founder Brewster Hale, who will discuss “the importance of data preservation.” Also speaking will be Aave CEO Stani Kulehov, Codefi Chief Producer Corbin Page and Polychain Capital founder Olaf Carlson Vee.

On October 20, Shakhta will be a special event for potential miners. Programming will be dedicated to Filecoin mining, workshops and panel discussions. The Filecoin mining system provides great bonuses to miners that save space on the network; Freelance miner Benjamin Hosgbo will also provide guidance.

Community members were also invited to submit their own “events and celebrations” to add to the official programming. Participants can see the full program here.

The event occurs when the FIL asset seeks to find a bottom after reaching a high of $ 208 on October 15th. It is currently trading at $ 42.52.

Despite the fall, the Filecoin team remains optimistic about the future prospects of the project.

“This is just the beginning of the Filecoin network,” reads a blog post about the advertisement.

Source: CoinTelegraph