First of its kind yield program designed to accelerate the wealth of the cryptocurrency community as a whole


Traditionally, when it comes to investing, some benefits are reserved exclusively for those with high net worth. As the saying goes, the rich get richer. Many analysts point out that part of the reason is that this group generates higher returns on their investments than those considered to be the “average investor”.

As a result, the wealth gap between rich and poor continues to widen, indicating that a solution is needed now more than ever. Thus, the concept of democratizing money management continues to increase in popularity to level the playing field. Through automated trading and other digital solutions, some of the opportunities for customers with a high net worth are also given to loyal investors.

To achieve this goal, SwissBorg has dedicated its teams to democratizing money management by making it fair, fun and community-driven. The CHSB token had its first success and showed exponential growth, with over 500,000 users joining the ecosystem. As token holders, these users reap many benefits from the usefulness of the token, such as the ability to reduce fees and increase profits to prepare users for long-term asset management.

In an effort to further develop the SwissBorg ecosystem and increase demand for the CHSB token, the team has since considered how they can reinvent the payout program to make the rewards fairer. Since then, SwissBorg has announced the launch of an expanded payout distribution to increase profits for small token holders; This approach is formulated in CHSB Yield 2.0, a program that detects inequality in the distribution of wealth in order to improve it using an optimization algorithm. The team shares that the inspiration for Yield 2.0 came from an article by Vitalik Buterin, where he explores the strengths and weaknesses of various inequality measures used in a cryptographic context.

Alex Fadel, senior director of partnerships, shares this with this effort.

“Ages with exclusive funding are suddenly all-encompassing. Yield 2.0 instantly increases APY% in the short term for the less fortunate or beginners, while dramatically increasing wealth for the lucky or veteran. Hopefully this will change the old returns and only the really rich will good. “…

As a result, CHSB Yield 2.0 is considered the first product of its kind to be implemented in the crypto space, and is designed to promise profits that in turn will increase the welfare of society as a whole.

Bonus for new users
So how can a profitability program democratize money management?

CHSB Yield 2.0 introduces the concept of return levels. In practice, this means that the income a user will receive will depend on the number of CHSB tokens the user has in the Yield Wallet. In this case, the profitability portfolio of each user is divided into five progressive levels with different annual interest rates: at level 1 the first 2000 are CHSB, at level 2 – the next 8000, etc.

This innovative approach to calculating returns is a key component of CHSB Yield 2.0. By setting different prices, SwissBorg offers very attractive rates of return for smaller shareholders to attract new users. In addition, this mechanism ensures that the more CHSB tokens a user has in their wallet for CHSB payments, the more he earns. The same applies to large landlords, where all users benefit from additional levels and minimum payments.

Read more about CHSB YIELD 2.0 here
For the SwissBorg community, smaller token holders benefit from the opportunity to accelerate their wealth growth in line with net investor growth. The faster this group succeeds, the faster they can reach the Premium community with double benefits, including an increase in wealth with a 1.5x return multiplier applied to all eligible assets and a reduction in fees due to 12 monthly CHSB rates.

Thereafter, a decrease in circulating coin supply will benefit larger token holders as the growing SwissBorg ecosystem will only increase demand when supply declines. In this way, wealthy investors can be confident that the value of their investments will increase in the long run.

A just and growing society
Over the past 12 months, the team has reported several milestones, including reaching 500,000 approved app users, nearly 2 billion user assets stored in the SwissBorg app, 741 unique crypto and cash trading pairs, and the addition of Bitfinex to the team’s smart engine, which now is in use.



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