BlockCard launched its first proprietary Litecoin Visa (LTC) credit card.

Charlie Lee told Cointelegraph that this is their second attempt to pass the test when the previous one failed: “We previously worked with LitePay on a debit card, but it failed when LitePay stopped working.”

Li also distinguish between Litecoin debit card and other cryptocurrencies that support this currency:

“There are other crypto debit cards available today that support Litecoin, but they only support LTC financing. This card is originally LTC, so the money is kept in LTC until you swipe the card.”

Although Litecoiners may already register for the card, the service itself will not be available for several more weeks. On a lighter note, Lee notes his opinion that there is no such thing as a “Litecoin maximalist”:

“I don’t think it exists at all. Most Litecoins support and hold BTC.”

Users will be able to make deposits in the 12 most popular cryptocurrencies, including all the major currencies in the group. He told me that there are about 300 registered users so far. Meanwhile, Litecoin consistently remains in the top 10 currencies by market value and has one of the most dangerous impacts on social media.

Source: CoinTelegraph