The Acorns Investing app aims to help people increase savings and wealth, but what does the market risk factor in the equation mean? CEO Noah Kerner shared his thoughts on the matter at a recent BlockShow panel.

“We are sending a signal to our clients: every recession in history ends in a meeting,” Kerner said Wednesday. After a particularly difficult period in the markets about two years ago, Acorns sent the same opinion. Acorns does not offer cryptocurrency trading, but Kerner’s comments should make a difference for the industry.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average chart, a common market indicator, supports this comment to some extent, showing general price increases since the late 1800s.

While the current outlook for the stock market has improved steadily over the last 100 years, not everything is recovering all the time. Kerner’s comment excludes individual assets and companies that have died throughout history. In a relatively short time frame, most crypto projects have failed.

Traditional markets have generally been stable. Bitcoin (BTC) is the current example. The parents refused to die and eventually grew up after all the recessions.

Cryptocurrencies and large markets fell sharply in March when news of COVID-19 emerged. Both have since returned and have shown resilience.

“As usual, the world was coming to an end again,” Kerner said, referring to the way people thought at the time. He recalls that March 18 was particularly difficult for conventional funding and came after a series of red days for the Dow Jones. He chose at the time to invest heavily in traditional regular markets.

I also panicked. So it was a terrible moment. But I remember in my mind: “Every recession ends in peaks, every recession ends in peaks, and if the world really ends, it does not matter. “So I put in a lot of money that day.”
Sometimes looking into the past can help you look into the future. Kerner explained:

Just think that history is usually a predictor of the future. Not always, but it usually happens, and if the story is usually about clairvoyants, everything will end better than when it was so bad. So just stick to it. ”
Acorns acts as a standard financial platform that hosts a feature that rounds each user’s daily business purchases to the nearest dollar and sets aside the round portion for investment purposes. The platform offers only standard investments, although there is a similar crypto service called RoundlyX.

Source: CoinTelegraph