Ethereum is five years old and Ethereum (ETH) surprised investors with a trip in excess of $ 300, but compared to Bitcoin (BTC), the larger altcoin performance was worse.

Also, online resource data confirm Skew, ETH / USD as a percentage of BTC / USD all the time is still well below the maximum.

Ether remains out of Bitcoin share price
Since the birth of Ethereum, Ether's share has been 3.1% of the BTC price. At its peak in January 2018, this figure was 11%.

After the altcoin boom more than two years ago, Ether was unable to regain its lost position as Bitcoin captured the broader development of the cryptocurrency market.

As developers moved forward with Ethereum moving to Ethereum 2.0, ETH / USD only recently started rewarding patient baggage holders.

Last week alone, prices rose 45%, surpassing Bitcoin results when the previous resistance of $ 285 fell. At the time of the press release, ETH / USD was trading at $ 325, driven by the distinctive DeFi phenomenon and associated trade boom.

Popular analyst Scott Miller confirmed on Tuesday, “I have just tested previous resistance to support the group.”

Warm wishes for your birthday
However, not everyone was satisfied.

Developer Blockstream Grubles wrote on Sunday: “ETH / BTC stops dumping for change, and ETH maxis gets completely crazy.”

“ETH / BTC has been on par with Coinbase's list for nearly 5 years.”

At the same time, there have been significant changes in the achieved relationship between two cryptocurrencies in recent weeks, as a one-month scale showed certain deviations from the base.

Cointelegraph has published a special flash to celebrate the fifth anniversary of Ethereum and watch the project fluctuations since 2015.

Source: CoinTelegraph