Etereum Classic Labs includes ChainSafe and OpenRelay, and offers 51% protection.

I work on Ethereum Classic and Core Dev Team on my own using ChainSafe and OpenRelay to work with test messages.

James Wu, Ethereum Classic Labs design and design specialist, stated on the partner conference website:

“OpenRelay and ChainSafe can work with Ethereum Classic, but they don’t, but not in more than one place where you can find the blockchain and solve 51% of the issues side by side. Team up to get search results and health checks.”

OpenRelay in Ethereum Classic using modeling and process modeling techniques to work with web interface, infrastructure testing, and design and implement ChainSafe Jobber men for testnet testers who work with network developers who can try their hand.

Ethereum Classic set a minimum rate of 51% Angrep for August. Distribute angrepen packages to use OKEx to advertise Ethereum Classic and use ETC without restrictions. Selskapet, is the best sikkerheten based fast option which can be modified until fremtidige angrep stop and have hash paper. Here you can find the English version which contains information about the NiceHash system ….

Source: CoinTelegraph