ConsenSys developer Ben Edgington has released an update that predicts the four-chain ETH 2.0 configuration will occur within the next six to eight weeks.

In the “V1.0.0 Release Candidate 0″ announcement, Edgington said that the DPP feature will be announced this week. The escrow contract allows the transfer of ETH between Ethereum and ETH 2.0, which is one of the few remaining upgrades required to facilitate the deployment of ETH 2.0 in Phase 0:

“As far as I understand, we are doing well: the deposit has been postponed in the next few days; series Beacon Genesis 6-8 weeks later. ”
However, the developer of the PegaSys engineering team assured that their forecast “is not an official statement.”

To complete the phase 0 launch, 500,000 Ether must block after the beacon chain starts, followed by a weekly generation delay to give the network time to prepare.

The new version also strengthens Ethereum against denial of service attacks and implements asset lag and quadruple fees, Edgington said.

The fines increased in response to the “rehearsal” of the “slightly protected” generation on the Spadina testnet at the end of September and the now “very low participation” on the Medalla testnet.

The developer called the increase in commission fees “a temporary measure to give more confidence in the event of problems.” Despite the low involvement of the testnet, Edgington firmly believes that the network is ready to move to Stage 0:

“I think people are tired of trying the nest. It’s time to move forward […] We have to start phase 0 so quickly. ”
Edgington’s post follows a successful test at the Zinken Test Network last week, which Anthony Sassano described Set Protocols as “the penultimate testnet for dress rehearsals before we finally set a launch date for the ETH 2 Phase 0 mainnet.”

Source: CoinTelegraph