Ethereum developers seem to be accelerating the network’s transition to the Proof-of-Stake consensus and from the Proof-of-Work mining community.

On March 11, developer Mikhail Kalinin published specifications to integrate the future Eth2 blockchain with the existing Ethereum network. The documents indicate that the PoS consensus upgrade to PoW will be the biggest change.

The specifications will be published as tensions rise between Ethereum miners and developers. Miners are likely to lose significant profits in the transition to proof of effort, while Ethereum developers seek to reduce fees and Ethereum’s ever-increasing utilization.

Cointelegraph reported last week that Ethereum’s main developers have set an implementation date in July for the improvement proposal Ethereum-1559, which will replace the existing Ethereum tax market with a fixed price mechanism.

While this proposal is expected to control the growth of Ethereum taxes, 1559 could reduce mining revenues by as much as 50%. As such, some miners have responded to the news by planning a “power show” that encourages Ethereum miners to redirect forces. Their hash is for the Ethermine mining complex, which opposed 1559 for 51 hours on April 1st.

However, it seems that the main developers were ready for the miners’ reaction. Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin said last month on Chinese social media (published by Wu Blockchain) that if miners threaten a 51% attack, “we will all go to PoS as soon as possible.

The developers also combined the EIP-1559 with a delayed difficulty bomb in the London update in July to reduce the likelihood of a hard fork. As Redditor Always_Question pointed out in a Reddit post that called for a merger priority: “A light merger gives society support in the event of a mining cartel colliding to neutralize the positive effects of EIP 1559.”

Earlier this week, Buterin revealed that Eth2 developers prioritize chain consolidation over retail implementation, and his comments on Chinese social media suggest that the focus on consolidation may be motivated by a desire to reduce the potential impact of mine resistance.

Buterin also said that other layers of gluing solutions will be launched in the coming months. Buterin predicted that the increase in optimism would increase transaction transfer rates by a factor of 100, and confirmed that Layer 2 solutions would scale Ethereum enough for hashing to occur.

Source: CoinTelegraph