Real Vision founder and CEO Raul Pal has asserted that Bitcoin (BTC), which will surpass $ 1 million by 2025, is “almost correct.”

In an interview with Stansberry Research last week, Pal, who is known for his optimistic stance on Bitcoin, said that a “huge wall of money” would flow into the cryptocurrency in the coming years.

PAL: Bitcoin waiting lists for ‘massive’ capital inflows
When asked about the million-dollar goal, he said, “I think it’s true, whether it’s five or six years.”

“We’re going to go through two of these cycles of cutting in half, and through what I know from all the institutions, all the people I talk to, there’s a huge wall of money going through. This is a huge wall of money, just no tubes yet for people to do that,” And they get close, but they’re visible to everyone on the radar screen, and a lot of smart people are working on this [.]

The current cycle of Bitcoin halving began in May 2020 and will last about four years. After Pal, an entire area of ​​analysis looks at the impact of the halves, reducing the supply of new bitcoins available per block by 50%, and making consistent optimistic forecasts.

Just this week, PlanB, which has created a family of bitcoin pricing models, confirmed that BTC / USD will rise by an amount beyond May.

Cointelegraph reports that Bitcoin purchases continue to appear as a wall of money this month.

“I don’t think this will happen, because the world is collapsing. The reason for this is the adoption of large pools of capital,” Pal concluded.

“Why do I need to distribute the gold?”
Pal also revealed that he will sell his gold investment and convert it to Bitcoin due to its outperformance.

According to him, while he does not “hate” gold and remains invested in both assets, the future is clearly skewed in Bitcoin’s favor.

“… when it comes to big opportunities, when everything happens – Bitcoin starts to break out of the patterns that have shaped it, and it’s going to outperform gold, I’m 100% sure. So why do I have gold reserves?”

And here is not pal alone. As Cointelegraph notes, analysts, including statistician Willie Wu, have predicted that Bitcoin will abandon the traditional asset link in order to create its own path. The timeline is unclear, and Wu still expected this to happen “soon” last month.

According to a new report released by crypto fund provider Stack Funds this week, there is support for BTC / USD hitting $ 15,000 after the US election in November.

Source: CoinTelegraph